Interior Detailing

At FTA we take interior detailing seriously. Most people would assume detailing is a commodity, and that the product you get will be nearly the same from shop to shop. Our philosophy is different, we believe if you're going to bring your car to a professional detailer it should be returned to you in like new condition. We've chosen to go this path because nearly every "detail shop" out there competes on price and must cut corners to do so. Every vehicle that comes into our shop receives a custom estimate to recondition/restore it to showroom condition. Please note all interior services must be paired with an exterior service.

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Interior Detail

We start with rinsing out the door jambs with low pressure water. After that we blow the carpets with compressed air to loosen debris stuck under the seats and ground into the carpet then use a vacuum to suck it all up. Next we use a safe all-purpose cleaner and brushes to clean each area of the vehicle (center console, dash, door panels, misc. plastic trim). We used compressed air to blow dust and debris from cracks and crevices like window switches and air vents. After that we wipe down the dash, door panels, center console, and leather seats with your choice of a matte or gloss finish UV protectant. Any stains in the fabric are treated with a stain remover, if heavy staining exists we recommend adding hot water extraction to your detail. When cleaning the windows we first roll them down to clean the top, then we clean the whole window with a streak free window cleaner. After completion we do a final vacuum and perform a 31-point inspection to ensure no areas of the vehicle go untouched. This process generally takes 1-2 days to complete.

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Often we run into vehicles with awful odors such as cigarette smoke, spoiled milk, vomit, mildew, and mouse/cat urine. To remove these odors we must go to extreme lengths. We add this package on top of the interior detail package to guarantee 90-100% odor removal. With this add-on we switch to a more powerful interior cleaner to strip any odor-emitting residues off the interior surfaces. Once we deep clean the interior we shampoo the carpets (and seats if applicable) with an odor eliminator, this penetrates deep into the carpet to remove the source of the odor. One thing often overlooked in most details is the headliner, with this add-on we fire up our steamer and steam every inch of the headliner as it often holds more of the smell than most people realize. Once everything is completely dry we "bomb" the interior with an odor neutralizing fog for 2-4 hours, this eliminates any odors remaining in the areas we aren't able to reach such as behind the dash and certain areas underneath seats.

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Many detailers cut corners when it comes to carpet and seat cleaning simply because they don't want to invest thousands of dollars in professional equipment. They get by using stain removers and a shop vac and many vehicle owners don't realize they are getting shorted. Rest-assured, when you opt to add hot water extraction to your detail at FTA, the fabric in your vehicle will be as clean as possible. We pre-treat all stains with carpet cleaner then flush the carpets with steaming hot water. Our extractor pushes the water deep into the fibers of the carpet to loosen set-in dirt and stains. The powerful dual motor system pulls with 3 times the suction of a standard vacuum ensuring your vehicle drys as quickly as possible. We dry the carpets with high power fans so that you don't have to worry about mold and mildew. With this process we do recommend leaving the vehicle overnight as we sometimes will have to extract pesky stains a second time.