Interior Detailing

At FTA we take interior detailing seriously. Most people would assume detailing is a commodity, and that the product you get will be nearly the same from shop to shop. Our philosophy is different, we believe in providing our clients with a custom experience based on their particular budget and expectations. In the many years we've been in business, we've found that by offering customized services we are able to achieve results you can't find anywhere else


Refreshing Detail

This package is for people who love having a clean car all the time. We start with blowing the carpets with compressed air to loosen debris stuck under the seats and ground into the carpet then use a vacuum to suck it all up. Next we use a mild cleaner and brushes to clean the center console area as this is where most dirt and grime build up. After that we wipe down the dash, door panels, center console, and leather seats with a matte finish UV protectant. When cleaning the windows we first roll them down to clean the top, then we clean the whole window with a streak free window cleaner. This generally takes 1-2 hours and is recommended every 1-6 months. 


Standard Detail

This is our most popular package. It includes all the options to restore most vehicles back to new condition. We start this package with pressure washing dust, mud, and moss from the door jambs. Next is using compressed air and a vacuum to clean debris from the seats and carpet. We then use a series of brushes and specialty tools and cleaners to detail every crack and crevice in your vehicle. Everything from the vents to the seat rails/brackets gets cleaned and detailed. This is what sets us apart from typically detail shops, instead of cleaning the vehicle to appear clean, we clean everything so that your vehicle is restored to the factory fresh condition. After cleaning all the "hard surfaces" we spot treat stains in the carpet and apply a UV protectant to the dash, door panels, and leather seats. When cleaning the windows we first roll them down to clean the top, then we clean the whole window with a streak free window cleaner. This process generally takes 4-10 hours and is recommended when selling a vehicle, purchasing a used one, or as maintenance every 1-2 years.


Interior Reconditioning

This is our most intensive package. If you're looking for all-out, no holds barred, whatever it takes detail package this is it. This package includes everything from the "Standard Detail" plus anything that can take it one step further. Some vehicles may need seats and carpet removed, some need special heavy duty cleaning on the headliner, some need the leather seats deep cleaned and conditioned, some need the carpet flushed and extracted with a commercial hot water extraction machine. When you select this service know you are receiving the ultimate in cleaning and reconditioning.