Exterior Detailing

We like to customize every experience at FTA, so we built customization right into our detail packages. We've itemized every part of the detail so you know exactly what you're paying for.

With several year of detailing experience, we've learned a lot about how to properly care for auto paint. We've tested many different products and found that there is a huge difference between the production shop products and the specialty high end detailing products. We pride ourselves in using the best of the best. If you have questions about any of our packages feel free to call or stop by.



Starting at $129

We start every detail with the decontamination wash. This isn't just your normal car wash. We rinse loose dirt and grime from the wheels and wheel wells. We then use a safe wheel cleaner and a variety of brushes to detail the wheels. Once the wheels are clean we pressure wash all the cracks and crevices of the vehicle to remove built up pollen and dust. After rinsing we use an iron dissolving cleaner that removes embedded contaminates from the paint. We then hand wash the vehicle and clay the paint to remove bonded contaminates not removed by the iron remover. Once all this is done we dry the vehicle with microfiber towels and shine the tires with a non-sling UV protectant dressing.

Charger clay bar wax.jpg


Starting at $99

The Gloss Enhancement Polish is optimized for daily drivers offering lots of value at an affordable price. This can be added onto the Decontamination Wash to greatly improve the depth and shine of your paint. This package includes 1-2 hours of polishing. We use a light polish that removes oxidation and up to 75% of swirls leaving the vehicle with that new car shine we all love.

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Starting at $299

Looking for a perfect or near perfect finish? Paint correction is the art of using a series of tools with a variety of compounds and polishes to remove defects from the paint. Deep scratches and swirls can be removed through this process. We have multiple stages of paint correction, and to determine which stage will be needed to achieve your desired results we need to see the vehicle and perform a test spot. Generally this takes 10-15 minutes and can be scheduled any time by calling our shop.

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Starting at $29

We offer a few different options for protection of your freshly detailed vehicle. While wax is an outdated and weak form of protection, we do still offer it for our budget conscious clients and the die hard wax fans. The newest and best forms of protection now are Ceramic Coatings. These coatings create a chemical bond with the paint so they won't just wash off like a traditional wax or sealant. They have extreme chemical resistance so bugs, bird poop, and tree sap won't cause etching or damage to the surface and even caustic bug removers won't phase these coatings. We have a Ceramic options for nearly every budget, so feel free to give us a call or stop by so we can figure out what package suits you best.

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