Exterior Detailing

With several year of detailing experience, we've learned a lot about how to properly care for auto paint. We've tested many different products and found that there is a huge difference between the production shop products and the specialty high end detailing products. We pride ourselves in using the best of the best. If you have questions about any of our packages feel free to call or stop by.


Paint Correction

Looking for a perfect or near perfect finish? Paint correction is the art of using a series of tools with a variety of compounds and polishes to remove defects from the paint. Deep scratches and swirls can be removed through this process. We have 3 stages of paint correction, and to determine which stage will be needed to achieve your desired results we need to see the vehicle and perform a test spot. Generally this takes 5-10 minutes and can be scheduled any time by calling our shop.

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Gloss Enhancement Polish & Wax

When you say "exterior detail" this is the popular package you're referring to. We polish the paint with a fine polish to remove minor oxidation and improve gloss and clarity. On some vehicles this package removes up to 75% of swirls, though if that's what you're looking for we recommend looking at paint correction. After polishing we finish with a hand wax that enhances gloss even further and protects your vehicle. We recommend this package every 6-12 months.


Clay & Wax

Our "economy" detail for those looking for a deep clean and protection. Claying the paint removes embedded contaminants that obstruct the view of the nice shiny paint underneath. This detail restores that nice slick feeling and gives your vehicle and good layer of protection. We recommend this package every 3-6 months.


Wash & Seal

The Wash & Seal our maintenance detail. We start with a thorough wash removing all bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, and road grime. After the wash we dry the door jambs, dress the tires, and hand apply a paint sealant to protect the paint and boost any protection already on the vehicle. We recommend this every 2-4 weeks.